• Enrollment + Registration

    for Current and New Students

  • As a public school system, Lone Oak ISD welcomes all students who live within the district's boundaries and meet state age requirements and health requirements, as well as approved transfer students from outside of Lone Oak district's boundaries. 


    The online enrollment process is for those who are not current LOISD students. If you are currently a student at LOISD, see Registration below. The enrollment window  for new students who live within LOISD district boundaries will open July 19th. follow the link below for additional details.

    For Pre-K enrollment, click here



    Registration is for current and returning LOISD students. Registration will open May 6th and can be completed through the link below.  Follow the link below for additional details. 


    Transfer Request

    For students who currently reside outside of LOISD boundaries, a transfer request can be submitted. Follow the link below for additional details on this process. 


    Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below. If your question is not addressed or you need additional information, please reach out to one of the following contacts below:

    Lone Oak ISD Elementary School - Email Kim Patterson or call 903.634.5262

    Lone Oak ISD Middle School - Email Tammy Ragsdale or call 903.634.5253 

    Lone Oak ISD High School - Email Robin Middleton or call 903.634.5236



  • Frequently Asked Questions

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  • My student turns 4 on September 1, making them eligible for Pre-K. How do I register my Pre-K student??

  • I'm building/purchasing a home within LOISD boundaries. When can I enroll my student?

  • I have submitted my request for registration in Lone Oak ISD. How long should I wait before contacting the campus?

  • I have submitted my transfer request for LOISD. When should I receive a response?

  • My transfer was accepted, and my child is new to the district, so I have never had a Parent Portal account with Lone Oak ISD. What are my next steps?