• Bond Overview

LOISD Bond Conceptual Site Plan
Conceptual Site Plan
  • Proposition A

    Classrooms, labs, restrooms, and cafeteria additions and renovations: $9,500,000

    Address the growing student population

    Allow for additional science courses


    Rerouting of buses and cars for traffic flow efficiency and additional parking: $750,000

    New routes for drop-off and pick-up

    Paving of grassy area in front of Buffalo Stadium currently being used as overflow parking.


    Relocating baseball and softball fields to address current and future high school expansion: $6,500,000

    Relocation will free up space for a high school science wing, CTE health science room and additional restrooms. 

    Added space for future high school additions and parking areas. 


    Safety and security upgrades: $600,000

    Secured vestibule at the high school

    New intercom system

    Unified key system


    Band hall expansion: $2,500,000

    Increased space for practice and shorter travel time for middle school students.


    Career and techincal education expansion: $3,000,000

    Additional space for current and future CTE courses


    New multipurpose facility: $13,250,000

    Relieves strain on master scheduling

    Additional indoor space for sports, clubs, pep rallies, graduations, and more. 


    New locker rooms, weight room, and storage: $4,900,000

    Create appropriate space for a growing athletic program



    Proposition B


    Press box, restroom and concession upgrades: $2,100,000

    Upgrades to address aging and undersized facilities


    Turf, drainage, and field improvemenets: $1,200,000

    Safer area for games, practices, and competitions


    ADA compliance: $600,000

    Allows all fans to access our facilities