• Payroll

  • Payroll Schedule

    Lone Oak ISD employees are paid on a monthly basis. The payroll schedule with pay dates can be viewed by following the link below.

    Pay Schedule


    Direct Deposit

    Employee paychecks are electronically deposited into a designated account. A notification period of five days is necessary to activate this service. To change or update your direct deposit account information, please contact Jan DeWitt at jdewitt@loisd.net.


    Payroll Deductions

    The district is required to make the following automatic payroll deductions:

    • Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) or Social Security employee contributions
    • Federal income tax required for all full-time employees
    • Medicare tax (applicable only to employees hired after March 31, 1986)
    • Child support and spousal maintenance, if applicable
    • Delinquent federal education loan payments, if applicable

    Other payroll deductions may include premiums for health, dental, life and vision insurance; annuities; and higher education savings plans or prepaid tuition programs. Employees may also request payroll deduction for payment of membership dues to professional organizations and certain charitable contributions approved by the board. Salary deductions are automatically made for unauthorized or unpaid leave.