• Pick-Up/Drop-Off Procedures for Car Riders

  • Morning Drop-Off


    Students can arrive between 7:20 and 7:40 AM and must be dropped off in front of the Middle School. Breakfast will start at 7:20 and ends at 7:40. 

    If you do not have a student at the Elementary to drop off, you may pull straight into the Middle School parking lot, If you do have a student at the elementary, please drop them off first, following the elementary drop-off procedures.

    Please pull through the driveway to drop off your student. Do not drop your student off in the parking lot. 



    Afternoon Pick-Up

    Bus riders will be released at 4:18PM, and car riders will be released once the buses are loaded. 

    Once the buses have pulled away, parents may pull through the driveway in front of the school to pick up their child. 

    Parents can also park in the parking lot and students will be walked across the driveway by a staff member. Parents may stand outside of their vehicle, if they wish, to make it easier for their child to locate them, but do not need to walk across the driveway to get their child. 

    If you have a high school student that needs to be picked up, please pick up your middle schooler first then drive in front of the Admin Building to pick up your student at the High School.