• Below you will find the Enrichment Camps available for elementary age students. Specific age groups are included for each camp. To sign-up for the camp(s) desired, please click the camp name and complete the linked Google Form for each individual camp. Sign-ups will close on June 12th for all camps. Please send cash or check payable to LOISD by the first day of your scheduled camp. 


    Sign-ups for Enrichment Camps are now closed. We look forward to seeing you next summer! 




    Your five senses; hearing, smelling, tasting, seeing and touching help you notice the world around you. They are pretty powerful! We are going to explore how our senses work and what kinds of information they tell you. We will work in partners to rotate through these following stations: Seeing station, hearing station, smell station, taste station (my personal favorite), and touch station. 

    These stations will offer a variety of activities that will help you make sense of your senses!


    Teacher: Tina Barrett and Jaelyn Click

    Available to: K-2 

    Dates: July 5th - 8th




    Students attending this camp will have the opportunity to learn about DNA, Cells, Atoms, and moon phases.

         Teacher:  Lisa Kelley

         Available to:  5th Grade Students (For 21-22 school year)

         Dates:  June 7th - 10th




    Each day of the camp, we will explore a different continent while focusing on one country on that continent (Peru in South America, Greece in Europe, Kenya in Africa, etc.). We will take virtual field trips, do online scavenger hunts, make crafts and art projects inspired by that country, cook and eat foods from the country, listen to music from the country, etc.  On the final day, we will either go on a field trip, or plan our perfect trip to our new favorite country. 

         Teacher:  Elizabeth Hyatt

         Available to:  3rd - 5th Grade Students (For 21-22 school year)

         Dates:  June 28th -July 8th, (This is a two week long camp)



    We will be teaching a unit on reduce, reuse, recycle using the book "Junkyard Wonders" by Patricia Polacco.  We will split the students into tribes just like they did in the book.  The students will learn that we are all wonderful in our own special ways.  We have to work together to make anything work.  They will create different things from junk and turn it into wonderful pieces of art and games while learning how we can recycle as well as reuse things over and over again. A lot of the activities will be STEM based activities but could be for any age group. Older students will learn how to work with younger students and vice-versa. We will be making robots, airplanes, cities from cardboard boxes, games, handbags, and much much more from everyday "junk". 

         Teacher:  Tammy Hitchcock and Danielle Garcia

         Available to:  3rd - 6th Grade Students (For 21-22 school year)

         Dates:  July 19th - July 22nd




    Students will learn basic silhouette software tips and tricks. Students will create a small personalized product at the beginning of the week when practicing using the program. They will then design, cut, and press their own buffalo spirit shirt.

         Teacher:  Mindy Hogue and Amy Baxter

         Available to:  3rd - 7th Graders (For 21-22 school year)

         Dates:  June 21st - 24th




    Campers will plan and create Micro Macrame products using measurement and proportional reasoning. Campers will learn knotting techniques, will develop a design for their product, and use measurement and proportions to determine the size of the product and the length of materials needed. A different product will be created each week. Possible products include: bracelets, keychains, wall hangings, pen/pencil holders, coasters, earrings/necklaces, hanging shelves, etc.

         Teacher:  Kristi Hopkins

         Available to:  5th - 8th Graders (For 21-22 school year)

         Dates:  May 31st - June 3, June 7th - 10th, June 14th - 17th, June 21st - 24th, June 28th - July 1st, 

                    July 5th - July 8th, July 12th - July 15th, July 19th - July 22nd



    Students will learn the basics of crocheting (chain, half crochet, single crochet, and double crochet) and start a blanket they can finish on their own at home.

         Teacher:  Kathy Cowan

         Available to:  5th -12th Graders (For 21-22 school year)

         Dates:  June 28th - July 1st



    This summer let us help prepare your child for Kindergarten. We will be doing many fun, hands-on, glow/blacklight activities all week long. Our daily themes will cover the alphabet, numbers, patterns, story sequencing, science fun, following directions, and rules of the classroom. We look forward to helping your child have fun and grow before the start of the school year. 

         Teacher:  Tracy Witt

         Available to:  4-5 Year Olds (For 21-22 school year)

         Dates:  May 31st - June 3, July 19th - July 22nd



    Our "Rise Up Fitness and Fun" will teach young female athletes of any skill level to have fun, build confidence, andlearn a solid base of movement in a safe and productive environment.

    We will begin with a good athletic foundation and mechanics development. This will be for any skill level that wants to run faster, jump higher, swing further, and kicker harder. Every athlete is challenged and developed intelligently. Classes will improve body awareness, grip & pulling strength, balance, agility, coordination and confidence.

    Later in the week we will focus on sport and strength development in volleyball, basketball, softball. 

    These classes will take our kids through the Strong Athletic Building Blocks necessary to compete at the highest level, understanding the need for broad athletic bases to ensure performance throughout our athlete’s life, 

         Teacher:  Lindsey Buhler

         Available to:  5th - 8th Grade Female Students (For 21-22 school year)

         Dates:  June 7th - 10th