Letter from Superintendent



To All LOISD families: 


During the recent snow storm that hit Texas our elementary campus took on extensive water damage.  While working to correct this we discovered a presence of mold inside some exterior walls. To ensure this was handled in the safest manner possible the district called in a mold mediation team to test it.  Unfortunately some black mold was present in some of the areas. The licensed mediation team has recommended the process of encapsulating the mold and removal by a certified mold removal company.  The mold was enclosed inside the wallboard and undisturbed until the recent repairs of the water damage.  Health concerns  can arise once the mold becomes disturbed during the process of the removal.  Currently only one end of the building is undergoing this process but to ensure the safety of all staff and students the district wants to be proactive and relocate everyone in the elementary building during the removal process. The south end of the elementary will also be evaluated and cleared before we re-enter. 


As you can imagine this is a large untaking but we feel it is necessary to put our staff and students' health as a priority.   In-person instruction must also be maintained to provide the best possible learning environment.  Therefore our plan is to relocate all elementary students to the Administration Building and the Middle School until the building is issued a mold free certificate. 


Second grade and Third grade will be on the middle school campus.  Pre-K through First grade and 4th through 5th will be relocated to the administration building. 


Pick Up & Drop Off - Car Riders

Beginning Monday March 15th all car riders will be picked up & dropped off in the circle drive BEHIND the High School Cafeteria. We ask that everyone continue to line up as normal and enter the drive from the south and exit to the north. We will have personnel present to assist you.


The elementary office staff will be located in the main entrance of the administration building. More information will be sent out to staff to help us prepare for this transition.  We ask everyone to be patient and flexible during this time.  Our staff and students have faced so many obstacles this year and they need your support.  


All remediation requirements and work progress will be on the website as soon as the final plan is put into place.


Thank you again for your support,

Eddie White

903 456 1354